Tuesday, October 4

They're home

Trina and Tim and their new friends are at the mansion. I'd be plying them with icecream if Sir... Thighpiece hadn't already treated them. It's a translation of Don Quixote's name from Cervantes. I don't know what his real name is, and I don't think he does either.

I practically ordered him and his... companion to stay, and before Brood could even look at the talking dog cross-eyed I told him in no uncertain terms what would happen to him if something happened to her. They'll be staying with us until I can add at least twenty pounds to Sir Thighpiece's frame (and I;m not sure how thin his friend is under all that fur). The poor man is skin and bones. I haven't forgotten the kindness he did for poor Emma either. I fed him and Rocinante (not Betty) and the kids and Lullaby and Doc and even Drake and Ecko wandered in to see what was going on. Sunshine and the dog are getting along better than I expected. It was an impromptu party and for once it was us keeping the MASC people up and not the other way around.

Sir Thighpiece left to find someplace high to sleep, assuring me that he'd stay as long as I wished. I put the kids to bed... good thing Brood cleared out of their room on Sunday. Not a moment too soon, apparently. I'm just glad everyone's okay...

Now there's just Shady and Lucas to worry about, and well, everyone else whose blogs I read. Getting a little worried about Lucas. He hasn't posted in a couple days. At least I know Shady's doing okay, so far.


  1. sir god. id thought id read it all.
    hope you're doing better then me mysteriume.

    wishing you some damn joy in that life of yours. you deserve it. a few times over.

  2. Yeah. I figured out her name pretty soon after...She never did correct me though. I prefer Betty anyway, that other one's hard to pronounce.