Sunday, October 2

Too good to be true

I should have known... well I'd had misgivings all along -whenever they tried to get me to stay home, rest... you're working too hard, yada yada.

Please. Taking care of Lullaby is actually a stress reliever, not a stress inducer. It's all you MASC idiots who have been pushing my buttons from day one.

Newsflash, I was already on my way back from shopping and dropping the food off at the mansion. Every time you've taken us to your super secret base, I've managed to suss out a little bit more of where it was. It pays to have a woman in need of frequent pit stops due to a baby sitting on her bladder. What bits of the journey I missed, I expected luck to smooth out.

I didn't start out thinking Lully was in danger. Mostly I just wanted to show you MASC people up. You're not as smart as you think. But when I got Doc's call en route, well, I'd say about 45 minutes of my trip spontaneously vaporized somehow. I don't even remember most of the drive. All I remember is driving through the checkpoint, ignoring the guard in his little hut, and storming through the halls of the facility. If anyone considered stopping me, they thought better of it as soon as they saw my face.

I am not someone anyone wants to mess with when I am angry, and you do NOT mess with someone in my care. When I saw the doctors leaning over Lullaby, ready to take her baby, I think I was angrier than I've ever been. Whatever the deal is with its accelerated growth, it is ultimately her body, and her choice.

And yeah, I blew up some lights... never did that before. Usually I just made them overheat and die, not actually explode. I guess it's just lucky no one got any glass in their eyes, eh boys?

I told one of the men to bring Doc while I struggled to slide an unconscious Lully into a wheelchair. One of the doctors or nurses moved to help, but I stared them down without really seeing them. Everyone kept their distance after that, and no one offered to escort us back to the mansion. Figures they'd try to pull this crap as soon as Shady was out of the picture. Well, jokes on them. Shady and I have more in common than they thought. You don't fuck with people under my protection. Capiche?

Doc was pretty out of it when they brought him out in a wheelchair of his own. I think they sedated him after they took Lulls. They both slept the entire way home. Hard to keep a good fury going when you're surrounded by snoring and muttering.

Yes Doc, you snore, and you were mumbling too, though I couldn't make out much of what you said. Some about Advocate, some about Thuggee. Just don't take any chances if you ever run into either of them.

Lully... I know sleep-talking is usually pretty confused, but some of what you said... well, it's got me worried about that damn bean.

Brood was all apologetic when we got home. Said he had no idea what they'd had planned. He'd been back at the house, supervising the set up of his office, the gun locker, and the monitor room, duty roster with one man down, etc (which was true... he'd been there when I dropped off the food, and I guess he didn't call to tell his friends I was back on the road. So maybe the first part was true too. He told me he'd get all of Lull's medical records by tomorrow and see to it that we were able to go to a doctor of our choice. MASC will pick up the bill and pay the doctor enough to be discreet about the whole thing. He says he wants to make this partnership work, and his bosses want to make it work, and the thing with Lullaby was just an unfortunately misunderstanding.

Like hell it was. They intentionally offered me money for food to get me out of the way so they could pressure Lullaby into an abortion. The ONLY reason I came back to the mansion is because we don't have anywhere else to go. But if they try anything this shifty again, I'm calling local and national newspapers to the mansion and staging a press conference about it all, MASC, Slenderman, the works. I'll find a way to get them all out here even if I have to lie through my teeth. I will find a way to make them believe, and you MASC people will be S.O.L.


  1. I want names. I'll fucking beat those bastards senseless when I get home.

    Stay safe.

  2. You know I'll never do that Shady, and I doubt Lully caught any. It's done and there's an end to it. And I say this with a straight face, if they try again, they won't live long enough for you to get home and beat them.

  3. ladys ladys please.
    ill bring the chainsaw and mask ^_^.

    wishing i was there to cut them myself,

  4. Always some reason to jump people with chainsaws...

  5. Running Bear here,

    Mystery I truly admire the fact you haven't killed any of them yet. It seems like daily they get more and more abrasive.

    Best of luck from myself and Zia

  6. That's part of the problem... They're not really abrasive. They wait and do things behind my back. Typical government tactics... what the "population" doesn't know can't hurt them.