Tuesday, October 4


I think that I realized there was something different about "Lullaby" as soon as she and Doc got away from Advocate. She was more.... meek, more polite, and a lot more apologetic, often about things that weren't even her fault. I overlooked it because, well, she'd been through such a trauma and then MASC was acting like every stereotypical, government-funded bastard organization in the history of the world, and then the baby...

I believe her, DeMii as she'd like to be called now, and I'm sorry I put her in that doll body. I wish it had been Lullaby instead. Not that I ever saw Lullaby do anything bad, but some of her habits... well, it explains a lot. The only explanation I can come up with for why DeMii and not the invader, Lullaby, was transferred to the bean and then the doll was that Lullaby was in ascendency and probably would have erased DeMii someday, probably sooner rather than later.

Of course, Brood wasn't having it. I beat them to the punch in reading her blog, which is why I got in there before MASC could take action. Apparently they know about some of Lullaby's extracurricular activities. They found some bodies in the woods...... They showed DeMii pictures of three men, but it was the last one that made her cry, "Daddy!" and curl up in a little ball. I swear she's all belly now, nothing else.

I dragged Brood out of there and told him that his people were to leave her alone. They could watch her from a distance, but otherwise they were not to speak to her or approach her for any reason. If they wanted to talk to her, they have to come to me first. I am sick to death of his "shock" tactics when talking to my little family. I know he's doing it on purpose, just to see if the surprise will jar something loose. It's inhumane.

Gonna go talk to Doc now... I'll leave the Lullaby story to DeMii to tell. I'm just going to warn him to keep an eye on her so MASC doesn't try any more funny business. Not that he isn't all ready after the hole attempted abortion.


  1. wow. im so sorry mysteriume.....this must be so hard for you...dont worry. im sure pupa("DeMii") will be just fine.

    stay safe, all of you,

  2. Mystery, hang in there with these MASC people...Don't give them what they want unless they cooperate. :)

    And I'm glad DeMii is all right, and I hope she'll continue to be so.

  3. Do you want me to return? I hate being away on this task while all of this is going on. I'm willing to just leave the car here for now and fly back, Mystery. I'm concerned.

    Look, Mr. Sunshine will listen if you need any kind of help. Don't hesitate to have him put on guard for DeMii.

    Shit, this is going to take some getting used to. Stay safe, Mystery.

  4. No, it's alright, Shady. DeMii is really a sweet kid and aside from the confusion, everything is okay. And with that Zarambo guy gone, most of the other MASC agents are just annoying, not outright rude or threatening. Even Brood, it didn't take much to get him to leave DeMii alone once he made her cry.

    And he told *me* he wants to talk later today, rather than me having to pin him down.