Friday, October 7

Into the Woods

I took Trina for her kitten this morning... There were only two left, a brother and sister, and she insisted we take both. "It's not right to separate them," she insisted, one in the box and the other climbing her leg. "See, he doesn't want me to take his sister!"

She put the box down and picked up the second kitten, setting him in the box beside his sleepy sister. Two cats were fine, as fine as one, and if it made her happy, there's little enough to be happy about in this world lately. Besides cats and other animals can sense when Slenderman is near, or so I've read in other blogs. If two kittens are enough to keep Trina safe and momentarily content if I'm not around, I'll get two kittens.

By the time anyone reads this, I'll be in the woods.

No, I'm not suicidal.

But it came to me last night that Shadowchild came to the house the same day E-Bear disappeared. I don't think that was a coincidence. Maybe if the MASC agents hadn't been so trigger happy, I would have known what happened, but so much was going on. It slipped my mind to even mention what I'd overheard to Brood, and now they'd probably stop me from going into the woods.

So... I'm going into the woods and maybe Shadowchild is still there. Maybe she can tell me where my niece is.

Talk to you later, if there is a later.

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