Thursday, October 6


I thought about it a lot before I asked Brood to assign a MASC agent or two to escort me home. Do I trust them? I don't know yet. Maybe Brood's not so bad as I thought, but still MASC pays him and the other agents. Who's to say they won't pay them to kill us all in our sleep some night.

But that's unkind, and I'm basing it on what they tried to do to DeMii. Some people find it more... palatable to kill an unborn baby than to murder full grown people. Don't ask me why. People are all insane, all of them... it's just a matter of perspective I guess. What the majority holds as true and acceptable. Normalcy is more a matter of averaging everything together than any real state of mind.

And who am I to judge? Apparently MASC pays me now too. I have a prepaid credit card with a $1500 monthly credit limit which will reset the first day of every month. Brood suggested that I get it as close to zero at the end of the month as I can since the balance won't transfer. (Smart man.) $1500? I'm sure this month I can spend that on baby stuff for DeMii alone. She's going to need it sooner rather than later. All estimates point to the beginning of next week.

And yes, I'm just distracting myself here. Did you notice? Just like yesterday. I could have mentioned my niece was missing straight off, but I left it for last.  I didn't/don't want to talk about it, not that there's much of "it" to talk about. She's gone and that's pretty much the end of the story. I don't know any more than that. The police don't know any more than that. (Brood got me the reports.) My sister, I could beat her senseless, but it would resolve nothing.

So Brood sent two agents with me... After what my sister pulled the last time I visited, I wasn't taking any chances. And of course she flipped out as soon as I came knocking on the door. I waited while she spewed her venom at me and made snide remarks. China took it in stride, and Brian always looks a bit annoyed anyway, though he's been quiet and polite the few times I've talked to him. I asked a few questions once my sister had settled down and we left.

My sister is a self-serving, shallow idiot. She threw out the bear I doctored. E-Bear had been sneaking it into her backpack whenever she left the house. My sister saw it and decided the neighbors would talk about how ratty it was and tossed it. The next day, E-Bear was gone. End of story. Nothing to say who took her or even where...

Of course *we* know what happened... Fat lot of good it does anyone.

I'm not giving up finding her... I'm just at a loss as to how to proceed. I could have asked to see E-Bear's room, but I imagine my sister would have laughed herself silly if I'd tried. Maybe I can get Brood to go in "officially" get something belonging to my niece so I can try a tracking spell.........

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