Friday, October 7

Nightmares and Teddybears

News of my death has been largely exaggerated. Sorry Doc that I gave you, and everyone, a scare.

Nothing happened but a bad dream... Thanks to Executor. The bastard finally got into my head and left his little message. He has my niece- a little insurance against my "good behavior," whatever that means.

I went out into the woods and opened my mind, calling to Shadowchild. Usually if I go into the woods, I open my mind to the trees and become like one of them. Plants are really the only reason I can sleep at night. They buffer me from the minds of everyone else. Being an empath sucks that way and having our home full of invaders who aren't particularly happy to be there doesn't help matters. Just saying.

I waited through the morning and afternoon and fell asleep probably sometime around when I set my post to go up, though I could "hear" the worry at the house before then. I don't normally just disappear. I tell people where I'm going and when I expect to be back. It's just courtesy and caution, considering, well, everything. Sorry I couldn't let anyone know what I was doing this time, but no one would have let me go.

At least I know where E-Bear is, even if I'm no closer to getting her back. I want you to know Executor, if you do anything to hurt or put her in danger, you'll wish Victor "ate" you. You give other people nightmares; well I will BE your nightmare. You don't mess with people I love to "keep me in line" and expect everything is just peachy.

The dream was short, and when I woke up, Ebear's teddy was in my lap. That's the only indication I have that Shadowchild came near. I'm sure she did all she could to protect my niece... I don't know why (considering she bit me), but I don't think she would ever let anyone hurt a child.

So I'm back now at Haven, questioned and begrudgingly accepted back into the security of the mansion by MASC.

I have to think... how I can get E-Bear back. I can't just leave her with that monster.

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  1. Do you need some help? I could send a squad of my converts... Or I could come in person.