Monday, August 1

Work in Progress

I've been waiting for Shady to come home for hours now... Getting worried, actually. It's late, much later than usual. I hope Sunshine is with her at least.

So I guess I'll post a progress report about the house while I wait.

We are pretty much done with renovating the first floor. I'm hoping we can start on the second soon. Though there's only a few rooms up there that we're going to do anything with, seeing as the 3rd floor has practically no roof. Before his wanderlust struck, Mr Crowley left behind supplies to finish the job. Really he only stayed for the big stuff and left the partitioning of rooms and such to us once he was satisfied we knew what we were doing. Wish he had decided to stay with us, but I didn't want to impose on him either.

I am immensely proud of the work we've done, and I've been sketching the "blueprints" of our little home in my spare time. I'm not too impressed with those, despite Shady's kind words to the contrary. She wants me to post them, but well, no scanner. She's determined though. I wouldn't put it past her to swipe some of my sketches and find a way to post them herself or put them on disk and order me to do it.

There are six bedrooms on the first floor, and they're not small either. Lulls has come down from the second floor finally. I considered putting her in with Trina to get them both to open up a bit more, but there's Dollmaker to consider. Drake and Ecko are sharing a room, as are Trina and Tim (I trust them to behave themselves at their age). I've taken the smallest room for myself. Shady... still chooses to sleep on her slate slab in front of the fire place. Her argument: She gets up too often in the night to warrant having a room to herself.

I never said it was a great argument.

When he's not camped out at Shady's feet like a weird sort of wolfhound, I think Sunshine is still sleeping in what was the kitchen rootcellar. Though it now has a good roof and storm cellar doors. At least it'll be warm come the winter with the waterheater down there... if he continues to insist upon making it his lair. I'm hoping we can "tame" him enough for some semblance of a bed before then. Just before we took down the hammocks, he got it into his head to swing on one... Let's just say it ended with him sitting on the floor with a bewildered expression on his face. If he could do more than stick one leg through the hole, I'm sure he'd have given Trina's tire swing a try by now.

So there's technically two rooms still available if anyone needs a place to stay. I mean, we know we've got some nasties out there, but the mansion itself is safe. Soon as we get started on the second floor, I think we can even add two more...

Oh gods... Shady's home... I think she's been crying. I don't know what's up, but I'll catch you guys up later.

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