Thursday, August 11


I was coming out of the house with an empty basket for the herbs we'd harvested, and I saw Lucas go haring off into the woods calling for Joel. He KNOWS better than that! Joel even warned him not to chase "Wolf" if he showed up near our place.

I just spent a good hour running around in the woods looking for him, and it's like he disappeared off the face of the planet. I'm rounding up Sunshine, Lullaby, and Trina for another search, Sunshine with Trina and Lullaby with me. Best to search with a partner given all the wonderful stalkers watching our place.

Update you when we get back.


  1. That kid is going to get himself in serious trouble.. I hope you find him quickly. If he doesn't turn up for a while..Well. I am willing to come and help you find him.

  2. Fuck. I hope you fucking find him soon...

  3. Oh God. No. Not another person gone. No one else needs to disappear. Lucas, come back. Dammit.
    I hope you find him soon. There are too many of those 'wonderful' stalkers running around. Too many options with too many bad endings.

  4. I'm making a tracking spell now. Trina found his St Christopher medal. If that doesn't work, I might take you up on your offer, Eternity.

    Elaine, I hope so too. And then I'll knock him upside the head for running off after Joel even warned him not to.

    Hawk, my concern is that he's been taken like Shady was, and nothing I do will allow me to track him down.

  5. Let me know. If there are any tracks or anything disturbed, chances are I'll find it. Tracking is one thing I consider myself quite good at.

  6. That's grave..Taken by who is the question. Could be any one of the things that seem to be stalking around your place. Wolf is the most likely suspect, but...God, I hope he's all right...