Wednesday, August 10


Ugh... just saw an enormous rat chewing on some of the new wiring. Funny we never had a problem with them before, when the house was still open to pretty much all the elements.

I try to be compassionate to all creatures, but I won't have rats chewing the wiring. I shooed it out into the garden, but it was very slow in going. I've heard the insulation of the wiring is very tasty to them. I'll have to look up some humane rat repellent before this becomes an issue.

The last thing we need is for the power to go out. :\


  1. We have rats now?

    Oh Mystery...
    Do you have pest wards?

  2. Rats... I'd pick them up and sling them out the front door myself. Or get a cat. I admire your compassion here. ;)

  3. I never even considered making wards to keep out animal pests because usually they're considerate enough to oblige me when I ask them to leave. And rats are some of the smartest animals around next to ravens, wolves, or dolphins. This rat was just... stubborn I guess.

    I try to live by the concept of <A HREF=">Ahimsa</A>. The more reasoning a being, the more they should show compassion to lesser creatures.

  4. Be careful. Something tells me that there is a reason for your sudden rat issue.

  5. I hope not... Animals have always been my friends. I've never had a bad experience with one, unlike people. I'd hate to have to start suspecting animals of being allied with Slenderman.