Thursday, August 11


Lucas is... gone. There's no sign of him. Maybe someone who knows more about tracking might have found a mark or broken twigs or whatever you're supposed to look for, but Lullaby and I found nothing. By now, they could be miles away, or in another state if there was a car.

I feel awful.... when we got back, I had to rifle through his meager possessions looking for something to make a tracking spell. Gods, all I can do is worry it won't work. This could end up being just like Shady... In so many blogs I've read of proxies opening extra dimensional doors. If Lucas has been taken somewhere "magically," there may be no chance of getting to him even if I can track him. I'm no Amalgamation Sage.

Trina and Sunshine showed up shortly after with Lucas' St Christopher medal. Considering he told me he never takes it off, it's good enough for the spell. But by the time it's done, I doubt there will be enough light left to search by, and worrying that it won't work isn't going to help matters. Part of successful spellwork is believing it will work. Still I'm going to try.

I hope he can hold out wherever he is.


  1. Mystery... please find him...

  2. Damn... I hope you find him, Mystery.

  3. Dammit...I hope your spell works, and if not, I am coming down there. Do me a favor and try not to let anyone disturb the grounds too much in the direction of where you saw him last.

    I hope he's just lost..

  4. Oh hell... :( The more time goes by, the harder it will be to trace him..