Sunday, August 7


Forgive any typos. I'm kind of dinged up.

Saw Prosper again... actually I'm ashamed to say i wehnt looking for him. I saw his aura moving through the trees and went around the front door so he wouldn't notice me heading into the woods. His aura is a sick looking thing- black and red with splotches of baby crap yellow. It;s uglier to look at than his face. Diseased. It stands out like a sore thumb from the health of the trees around him. He is an abominbation.

I synced up with the trees, went invisib;e and stalked him. I had fantasies of putting his head on a stick to warn off any more like him. Don't mess with my family. I';ve had enoufh now. No more miss nice-guy.

He didn't know I was there, but he's arrogant enoough that he probably wasn't paying attnetion. I can't claim all the credit for getting close enough to jump him. I probably woudn't get away with it again, more's the pity.

I was on him before he had time to turn around. Had a nice big "psycho" knife I picked up in a thridt store and drove it a good three inches into his shullder. Won't be using it to chop vegetables again, even if i knew where it was.

And he jsut shrugged me off like a coat. I helkd onto the knife, but barely. Didn't matter much. He's fast. He picked me up and tossde me into a tree. Branches and leaves rained around me, nad I brokw a thick branch in passing. I'd barely landed before he picjked me up again and staked me through my shoulder on the jagged end of the broken branch. I could see his eyes, wide, pupils dilated. He was enjoying himseldf.

He made one little sound then, "Heh," and turned away. I swungf the knige at him again, and he turned back as if expectign it. Took the knife by bending my fingers one by one until I dropped it (none broken, only because I think he intended to use the knige on me). He started to bend to pick it up, and i kneed him in the face. He retaliated by puncing me int he stomach.

As I gagged and rethced (good thing I haven't been eating much), he turned away again. Geuess he didn't figure I was worth teh effort. Impaled on a tree or not, I wrapped my arms around his neckl. It hurt like hell, but no one knew where I was. It could have been day sbefore anyone found me and ghot me off that tree.

We arrived..... somewhere else in thewoods tjankgoodness, and he threw me off again, wiht more violence, if you can imagine it. As  I lay there, the wind knocked out of me, he walked over and stomped pn my shoulder.  I screamed, which earned me another one sullable chuckle. F-ing sadist.

I tried to kick him, tried to twist out from under his foot. He just ground his heel in all the harder. I coulf feel my shoulder opening up more and the earth under me sucking up my blood like a sponge. Prosper's eyes, wide and gleefulk staring down at me. All I could think of waws hurting him somehow, any way i could.

I didn't even thikn of what I was doing. I pulled mu aura in around my ahnd and grabbed his leg, more importantluy, his aura, and I ripped it to shreds. It ws easier than I excpected. His aura is already a sickly thing. I'd have tobe prety desperate to do it again though. I tclung to me like ink before my oqn aura converted it o energy, and i absorbed it. I still feel dirty even adter taking a long bath.

He stumbled a way in surprise, dragging his leg. Gods it smelled baad, like his aura had only been a mask ora bandage holding him together. How manu times has Executor patched him uo? I hadn't thought I could feel sorry for such a monster, but eh smelle dliek something putrefying. Maybe it was just thatt he burns he had suffered were infected.

I cut myu losses, pullign myself into the trees while Prosper was busy shaking and stomping his leg. He loooked over at me but didn't pursue. Probably a good things ince I don't lnow if I could have stood ipp to him again. He blinaked off to someplace else as I draggeeed myself into the bushes. For a few sedconfs I thouhgt he was goinf to port in behind meee, but when he didn't reappear,, ig uess I let myself fina;;u faint. Next I knew the sun was higher in the trses. I diudbn't want ot get uop, but I forrrced myself, and felt... ok flailed around psychicaly for the right direction, The mansion want' far, thanjfuly.

So hers i am,a ll beat up adn feeling foolish again. Excpt I did learn afew thinks. Lulls helped me clean adn sew up my shoulder. Sh esaid it wasn't too bacd, but I was hunf up on a frikkin tree. It van't be that good. Gonna lie down doe a wile though. I can day that I am moer ashaemed of the tyops in this post than I am about attacking Prosper. I will fgure out a way to make sure he stays dead..


  1. Wow. I have a whole new level of respect for you right now.

  2. You are mad, you know. But I too have gained an all new respect for you. Brave. Next time, I hope you kill him permanently.

  3. I've been called worse. Got a bit of Norse in me by way of my dad if his height was any indication. He was a bit of a "berserkr" when he got going. That's why I try to keep myself in check. Shady would probably beat me worse for trying to take on Prosper than Prosper did.

    I just can't let anyone else in my new family be hurt or taken. It would kill me.