Monday, August 8


Tired... maybe from the blood loss. Maybe not. Dug out my iron pills. Usually forget to take them, but I figure with my injuries (and being a vegetarian), I need a little extra.

Don't think hte shoulder is infected. Typing very slowly to avoid typos and also my fingers hurt. Backspacing a lot. Hate that. Could have been worse. Least my hands have always been flexible enough that having my fingers forcibly bent back didn't do too much damage.

Had time to think about what I did. It was really very stupid to run out and try to kill Prosper. If Shady couldn't do it, why should I think I could? True I learned a new trick, but was it worth it? Don't know.

Seeing auras is weird. Thought it would go away, but it hasn't. I see little auras now too, little fae? They feel the same as when I couldn't see them. Think they've been seeing to my injuries. They've been "hovering" around me like irritable nursemaids. I think they want me to go back to sleep. I expected to be in much worse shape when I woke up than I am. Everything hurts, but not in an OMG get me to a hospital kind of way.

Back to sleep I think. Don't worry if I don't post for a little while. Least if I'm sleeping, I don't have to think about Shady being gone.


  1. This is going to sound like a stupid thing to say, but...Maybe the pain is worth it if you have a new weapon. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get where you're headed. Maybe this new trick will help you get rid of Prosper in the future.
    Just promise me one thing Mystery. Don't take him on alone again. I would really, really hate it if you died.

  2. It's sweet of you to say so Hawk. The scary part is, if he wanted me dead, I'd be dead. I'm sure of that. So why am I still kicking around? Either I'm not worth the effort, or... I'm on someone else's menu.

  3. At least these auras appear to be trying to help, instead of hinder. There is one blessing at least.

  4. Yes :) They're the little spirits who were already in the house. Apparently I am now considered part of the house and deserving of maintenance. lol