Saturday, August 6

No room for pacifism

I saw him... Prosper. He was standing at the edge of the woods, watching the mansion, watching me as I walked out of the house and into the garden, making a beeline towards him. Arrogant bastard didn't disappear until I reached the wall.

I swear to the gods if I see him anywhere near my family again, I'm going to make him dead like he should be. I can't find Shady, but I can damn well do something about one of her tormentors.

Pacifism is only good if your enemies respect you for it.


  1. Prosper's here? Give me a knife and a chance...


  2. I would not put any of you in danger like that.

  3. I've been trying to get some info from this victor guy on where he took Shady. All he told me was he had such sights to show her. Sorry I can't be of anymore help to you.

  4. Faustus.
    He won't say a thing.
    Not even to me...As much as I care for him...
    If we acquire assistance from you, we will ask.

  5. Oh, and Luke, I hope you die in your sleep.

  6. Morningstar, mocking you after your attack on Elaine aside, I understand you a little. I even feel as sorry for you as I sometimes do for myself; make of that what you will. Don't make me lose what little respect I have for you by being petty.

    Faustus, I can't even bring myself to talk to Victor at this point. I know I'd say something beneath me, maybe even say something hasty and make things worse. And as Trinity says, he never says anything that's not open to interpretation.

  7. You are correct-Pacifism only carries so far as your enemies will let it. Thank you for not letting this Prosper take advantage of it.
    I know I am in no shape to say this right now, but if you should need my assistance with him, or with anything related, I will come. Good luck, Mystery.

  8. a death for a death, whence all these fancies grew.
    what life, for trade? ist important unto you?

    bid me to kill and i will kill
    while i have eyes to see
    and having none
    yet i will keep
    a heart to kill for thee