Wednesday, August 24

Level Up and Obligatory Silly Celebrations

Really? A week since I last posted? It doesn't seem that long, but then things have been rather idyllic at Haven (keeping that name for our place, thank you Lucas). Our resources are at an all time low again, but not so low that I couldn't bake a cake for Shady's safe return. Good thing I'm in the habit of stocking up on essentials like flour and sugar and dried milk... things that if they're put away right can last for months. It will be months before our small bills consume our remaining funds. Hopefully someone calls me back for an interview soon.

I've been experimenting with manipulating auras. All those years I was going by feel, a blind woman groping at textures and smoke, the symbols and other spell paraphernalia like braille... Now I can see what I'm doing when I create a charm. It's like tying various strings together to make a knot or a net. I'm being cautious because I can afford to be and because I'm afraid I'll really screw something up if I'm not, but preliminary experiments have been interesting to say the least.

I've also realized why I have an electrical problem. heh Those who have seen Spiderman 2 will probably understand when I say, my aura is like Doc Oc's tentacles when he's not controlling them. It just crawls all over EVERYTHING. That's right... I have a perverted aura that likes to touch things and people and outlets and light sockets. Gods, it's just out of control. When I'm paying attention, it doesn't misbehave, but when I zone out in the midst of say, peeling potatoes or gardening, it just wanders all over the place like some kind of over-curious puppy, nomming on anything it can reach.

Now I know why my empathy was so out of control when I was younger before I learned to shield, and why I blow out lights and circuit breakers when I'm peeved or tired.

So, there's that.... I still have no idea how my aura got this way, but I feel doubly guilty about how it molests everyone and everything around me- like an octopus turning something over and over in its tentacles before deciding it's not food.

So I came in from the garden yesterday, having spent the morning weeding, harvesting, and experimenting with auras to find Lullaby, Trina, and Lucas in the living room... playing with makeup. Lullaby had glammed up Lucas and was working on Trina. Oh boy, I back pedaled fast, but not fast enough. Lucas jumped up and wanted to know if he was "pretty." Truth be told, he looked adorable, but makeup and me don't mix. I've never had a desire to wear the stuff. It seems like too much effort and expense.

I told him, yes, and attempted to escape, only to be dragged into the room for my own "treatment." Shady was nowhere to be seen, smart girl that she is. Don't get me wrong, I didn't look bad when Lullaby was done, but it's not something I'd subject myself to every day. I felt silly and clownish with makeup on. I don't like to waste time on my looks. I don't suppose I have a very healthy self-image, but then again there's no sense dressing up a package that has no interest in being delivered, if you catch my meaning. Being asexual means you never have to worry about being "pretty."

Still, I rather like the way Lullaby put up my hair with a pair of old chopsticks. Keeps it off my neck without pulling my hair tight or giving me a headache. In a pinch, they'd probably make some pretty nice weapons, for as long as they lasted. Probably break as soon as I stabbed someone with them, but that wouldn't make them hurt any less.


  1. Hehehe. Perverted aura. ;) Gosh, that just makes me happy as hell to read your post. By the way, do you mind if I use Haven for the name of the post that's coming up about y'all? 'm not sure if it's going to be broken up into single people, or as a group at Haven yet.

    Chopsticks are a great idea, you should use them. Plus they probably look pretty as well. ^_^

  2. Yes, that's fine. lol

    I'm thinking of sharpening the chopsticks a bit. I mean they're tapered, but they'd probably do more damage if they were super sharp.

  3. You can probably get special made metal ones, possibly ivory or some other harder material than wood. ^_^

  4. Honestly, I think these are plastic. They're going to white on the tapered end where the paint is coming off.

  5. If only our colonial cousins were as organised as we are here in Blighty. Then we could nurture your talent and teach you to control it properly rather than you having to learn by trial and error. Not to besmirch the narrative potency of trial and error.

  6. ... I've seen Lucas all done up. I'm sure he was very pretty indeed.
    I'm glad you guys are having fun. You all deserve some peace.

  7. Well Niles... I have a tendency not to trust government agencies. Maybe I've seen too many movies or read too many books where they take the people are a little odd or a little "gifted" away and no one ever sees them again. I don't think I'd trust an organization to nurture me. At the very least, they'd expect something in return. At worst, I've always worried I'd end up on a dissection table. Maybe it's a uniquely American thing to be paranoid of the government... like I don't have other things to be paranoid of.

    Elaine, Lucas is a doll and it's good to see him smile. Good to see anyone in this house smile and not think about what might be outside.

  8. It's so cool hearing about your ability to see auras and about your aura itself. X ) I've always been curious as to how auras really look. Like, I can feel things, but I've never had the experience of seeing an aura... I guess I probably won't now either, but oh well. *shrug* Remember, Ecko and I have some money so when it comes down to it we'll chip in and help pay for bills.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  9. It's weird how similar we seem to be sometimes.

    Well, in some ways anyway.

    Sounds like things are going well for you.

  10. I'll keep it in mind Drake, but as a last resort. None of us has a job, so taking your money wouldn't put us in any better position than we already are. As for auras, they're all different... like a flower that bloom around only one person, unique to their experiences and feelings.

    Nekhs, I've found that I have more in common with my fellow runners/fighters than not. Sometimes the similarities are downright eerie.

  11. We are having a post done up for us? Mind. Blown.

    Have fun with the kids? Damn straight I did the smart thing and got the hell out of there. Stayed in a tree half the time with Mr. Sunshine, haha. You all looked so pretty.

  12. I couldn’t help but chuckle at your description of your aura, haha. Now you’ve got me wondering what mine looks like.

  13. First off I'd really like to make a joke at the naughty aura tentacles, but I'd like to think i'm better than that.

    Second it's good to see good times being had with the children.


  14. You know, the chopstick weapon idea is good. Eternity and I both suggest that you use those long knitting needles instead. They can be sharpened and won't break when you stab someone. Eternity (and I don't want to ask her how she knows this) says that knitting needles get in between ribs really easily..

  15. I think my Lady would have looked beautiful if she had let me do her makeup. I wanted to curl Lucas' hair...

  16. I just realized after a friend mentioned you, that I haven't heard from you in about a week. Let me know how you're doing, okay? I'm worried.