Tuesday, August 30

Keeping Mum

Sorry Dia for worrying you. I've started to write a post several times in the past few days, but I've found I have trouble putting my thoughts into words and been paranoid of saying too much besides. Shady and I had been fighting, but we finally came to a decision yesterday, which brought a new house guest. More on that later. I don't particularly like the man, but if he brings answers, then I can deal with his presence.

I've been experimenting with my new ability to see auras. Having torn up Prosper's aura during our fight gave me an idea regarding my spellwork, but it's also made me extremely paranoid that I might screw something up. My first instinct is to close my eyes and go back to doing everything by feel. Safer that way... less chance I'll hurt something. But I don't want this epiphany to only be something I use as a last resort, to do harm. I think it could be so much more than a weapon.

Also, the last day of August is tomorrow. Even though Nothing has happened to lend any weight to the threat of Dodgy and his master hanging over us, in fact aside from Victor's visit it's been unusually quiet, we've still been kind of anxious since Thuggee implied they'd hit us this month. Which is another reason I've been wary of posting, afraid of giving something away about our defenses or reporting our whereabouts (last night for instance if you've read Shady's post).


  1. If you can hurt auras with your abilities, you can also heal by the same token. Isn't that an old thought? That any medicine can be toxious, and a poison can be used to heal? I remember something about that from my old research...

    Sorry, didn't mean to drift off like that. I noticed the post, and the fact that it was set to post automatically tells me there's a lot more in store. When you can, can you tell me about that new houseguest of yours?

    Oh, and on a last note, a.. friend of mine suggested I ask you about something. Talk to you later, hun.

  2. The last day...Be very careful, Mystery. Strange things always happen on the last days of the month..At least, they do where I'm from.

  3. Yes, that is my thought exactly, Dia. I have been practicing, but only in a small way. My big concern is that auras are part of living things. Even innocent experimentation could cause harm. On the other hand, I've been doing it by feel for over a decade. In fact, the way my aura wanders off on its own, I've probably been fiddling with more auras than I was even aware of.

    Should I be concerned with the way you wrote "friend?" Well ask away, or if it's private, my email is on my profile.

    Zia, yes we're being very careful. I think everyone in the house is watching the trees. And tomorrow the tension will only be worse.

  4. That perverted aura of yours has probably been doing more tampering than you would think. I would say find someone that doesn't mind having an emotion rollercoaster from being experimented on, but I'm not quite sure who would do that.

    Because I lose track of who is on what side, and I tend to associate with all of them. I've caught flak for doing this, and I wasn't sure as to whether it would anger you that I did. So, therefore, I didn't mention a name.

    Mainly, it was the throwaway comment of mine that my only defense was that I knew how to shoot a gun. My friend immediately grew concerned, and asked if I had thought to request training from you or someone else. It... bothered them that I was basically defenseless if something were to happen.

  5. Well, you're one up on me. I can't shoot a gun at all. I prefer a nice big stick.

    The easiest way to get you up to date on more mystical defenses as opposed to physical ones, is to send you to the magic page of the DAS site. Don't worry too much about the Laws of Magic, and just focus on the posts in the Practical Magic section. That's all really simple stuff you should be able to do without knowing any Magical Theory. If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to ask.

  6. I was always interested in Magical theory, and the ideals of it having a science behind it. (A friend had peaked my interest some time ago) And I have to say, if I could do what you do well..
    Shit I don't even think I would stop me.. ha. Bad thing I guess.
    Just... be careful out there, try and keep something that can stab at long distances at least.

  7. The difference between scientific theory and magical theory is one of philosophy. Science deals with the philosophy of materialism, while magic deals with idealism. Science uses physical tools to affect the physical aspects of the universe, while magic boils down to mind OVER matter. I don't think that either system is invalid. Science is better in some circumstances and magic in others, and in between they can even overlap and compliment each other.

  8. do not turn your swords unto plowshares.
    violence approaches
    blood ist shed
    pain for you and yourss

    have care. it begins.

  9. Oh bloody hell. Of course the danger couldn't be over.

    Mystery, I forgot to say it earlier, but thank you for the nudge in the right direction.

  10. Fortunately Victor, using this skill for peace, for healing or for making defenses or whatever else I come up with, does not mean it can't still be used as a weapon. And like it or not, after a fight, there must be someone to pick up the pieces and see to the survivors.

    Dia, you're welcome. Anytime.