Thursday, September 1

Nightmare fuel

So... here it is, September 1st and NOTHING has happened. I'm relieved and ticked off at the same time. I hate when people get me all worked up over nothing. I even had a nightmare about the whole "attack." FML but I guess I should just be glad no one was hurt rather than bitch about staying up most of the night and then getting a bonus nightmare in the process.

This was one hell of a nightmare. I woke up in a near panic on the verge of screaming -and I'm glad I didn't with as much as we've all been on edge. I'd hate to have my door broken in. It was the little inconsistencies that saved me from running around an hour ago to make sure everyone was alright. But it was just a dream, and I'm not given to the prophetic kind... at least I don't think I am. It's been years since I had a dream this detailed though.

I might post it later or tomorrow... it's going to take a while to get my thoughts together.


  1. Lucid dreams fucking blow, especially when they're nightmares. I had a terrible one where a Proxy... nevermind, not important. I'm sorry, Mystery. Let me know how everything goes.

  2. We're about to see if Hypnos pulls a similar stunt.