Tuesday, June 7

Weird Note

lAdybug!  ladybug!
fly away hoMe.
your house is on fire.
your children all gone.
all excepT one,
your lost liTtle son,
And he's lain long 
under the grInding stone.

I'd say this was just a scrap of paper that flew into one of the trees outside the house, except... My sister and I used to exchange nursery rhymes when we were children. This is basically the Ladybug/ladybird rhyme, but altered. I even looked variations up online and none of them are quite like this one.

The O's struck threw with Xs make it pretty clear this is not just someone's random scrap. I'd almost say the weird capitalization is a code, but AMTTAI is nothing but gibberish. If it means something, I don't have the patience to figure it out. If you have something to say, just say it.

Beyond that, I can't fathom the significance of the poem. I'm no one's mother (I've never even.... never mind). People tell me I am motherly, but anyone I would choose to mother is now under my roof (such as it is). And I certainly don't have a son. Unless the mysterious poet is referring to Sunshine or Ronald, but that's a stretch.


  1. Tatami (Japanese flooring)
    I Am Tat (Nickname you're familiar with?)
    At Tami/Taim/Tiam/Atmi (A place. I can't think of any.)
    Miatta (Sports car)
    Tiamat (A beast of chaos, a monster. This would be the most likely if it has anything to do with Slendy.)

    I'm not sure if this will be of any help at all, but hopefully it may at least ring a bell in your head as to something you're familiar with.

  2. Yes.... And if it is the final one, that means that I am on the right track.

    Though it could just as easily be the first and the proxy is introducing him/herself. :-/

    Thank you