Monday, June 6

Now we are five

I don't know how she did it. I refer to Trina, who showed up on our "doorstep" with her brother in tow. Not that I mind having Trina under foot. It was just disconcerting having someone knock on the door when you can't even see it through the trees. She had to crawl under a raspberry vine to get to it for goodness sake!

That brother of hers is at least more practical, even if he gives in to her silliness a bit too easily. He must have known that the ice cream would melt, but he bought it anyway. I imagine her arguing with him that a door was where one knocked, regardless of how overgrown it was. The wood was so warped, it took me several minutes to get it open. I'm just glad there's stone under the house instead of a larger cellar, or I'm pretty sure we'd have gone through the floor when she jumped me. I brought Ron in through the hole in the wall on the side of the building while Trina "greeted" Shady.

Trina is very affectionate, like a puppy, all wiggly energy and curiosity. I set up a hammock for her near mine, which she adores, but it's not a toy. I was quick to point this out as she tried to turn it into a swing... a person can seriously hurt themselves on a hammock if they're not careful. I saw an old tire in the road a couple days ago. If it still there today when I go out to fill out more applications, I'll bring it home and make her a tire swing. There are plenty of trees.

Ron is silent and taciturn. He can barely be induced to speak more than a handful of words to anyone but Trina. I offered to make him a hammock too, but he wasn't interested. I suppose he'll find his own place to sleep. He watches everything but especially Trina. It's only when he has his eyes on her, that he seems somewhat peaceful. As his eyes wander over our new home, his expression wavers between contemptuous and speculative. I don't mind really. Shady wears the same set of expressions whenever she starts looking around at my "dream home." I can't help it; I have a thing for abandoned buildings.

Trina insisted on scampering down into the root cellar to meet Sunshine. As much as I think he needs some hug therapy, I really don't think he's ready for that level of interaction, especially not with the way he growled at Ron. Maybe he just doesn't like other males. I wish he'd get rid of his mask though. I like to see a person's face when I interact with them.

And how did Trina find us, you might wonder? Apparently she recognized me at the grocery store when she was gathering her ice creams. I've been running around town, putting in applications, but there's not a lot hiring here... pretty much like everywhere else. Hopefully Home Depot will call. With the amount of work Shady's talking about putting in... I'm going to need that employee discount.

Now to design some wards for our home to make sure no one else follows me home. 0xo Not everyone looking for us is liable to be as friendly as Trina.


  1. A tire swing? How thoughtful that would be! I would greatly enjoy that gift, Mystery. And I apologize for giving you a fright. I was merely excited to see a friend's face; one who was not corrupt and about to strike. I do so hope your head feels better!

    A door is not difficult to recognize. Moss does not make that type of sound when knocked.

  2. You are so adorable. lol

    No harm done :) and a tire swing is much safer to play on than a hammock.