Friday, May 6

Teddy Bear is a GoGo

I've studied "magic" from the perspective of shamanism and animism all the way up to high (ceremonial) magic, but it all boils down the concept of energy manipulation. It doesn't matter what tools you use to achieve your ends so long as you are comfortable with those tools. Magic does not technically need tools at all, which is what so-called "wish magic" is, but when doing magic, especially for others, some symbol of your will is helpful to maintain their belief in the charm.

If you believe in it, you can make it so. The will of the Magi is paramount, but tradition is also a key element that can supplement the Magi's will. So the use of symbols, whether they are actual glyphs, stones, herbs, or in this case a "guardian" animal such as a teddy bear, lends added power to the spell.

Belief+Tradition=Magic which can outlast the Magi
Tradition not only appeals to the subconscious of the recipient of the charm, it follows "channels" created by generations of belief through which energy may flow more effectively.

Though I have studied many different magic systems, I tend to be drawn to the imagery and traditions of Egypt (Khem). This is likely due to two past lives there, but more on that some other time. I have decided not to use any herbs, which my sister and her husband might smell despite being sewn into the stuffing of the bear. Instead I will use the hematite heart I etched with the tyet symbol and a ren amulet.

Hematite is generally good for dispelling negative energies. It is a good choice for a heart, being an iron ore. The Tyet is also called the Buckle or Girdle of Isis, the Knot of Isis, or the Blood of Isis. It is often depicted as red, sometimes inlaid with green. Fine work such as this is why it's a good idea to collect nail polish! I've already put a layer of red polish in the etching and will use a toothpick to add some green highlights after a second coat of red. The Tyet is often translated as “life” or “welfare” and represents Isis’ genitalia or her menstrual blood. It is a symbol of vitality, fertility, and Isis as the mother.
From a spell in the Papyrus of Ani:
“The blood of Isis, the spells of Isis, the magical words of Isis shall keep this great (or shining) one strong, and shall protect [E-bear's name] from whosoever would harm [her] or do to [her] such things as [she] abominates.”
A Ren amulet is basically the name of the person to be protected in amulet form. The Egyptians (among many other ancient peoples) were very keen on the power of names (which is why I have gone to great lengths researching SM's possible origins). It was really important not to tick off the ancient Egyptians because when you died, if they didn't like you, they would destroy all record of your name, effectively destroying your spirit in the afterlife. While this is a major weakness, it is also a strength, giving the name talismanic power to protect its owner.

I wrote the spell referenced above on the back of a small bit of parchment and E-Bear's full name and her nicknames on the other side, equating her with Horus... This is another method used by the Egyptians to gain divine protection based on myths. In this case, Horus needed protection from Set(h). E-Bear need's protection from something just as malevolent. I rolled up the parchment and inserted some nail clippings I took yesterday and a few strands of E-Bear's hair into the hollow. Then I folded it and double knotted the open ends with a piece of red embroidery floss.

I'd give you an image of the teddy bear, but I don't want the Opposition to know what it looks like, and I don't have the best track record with cameras any way. I opened the stitches at the neck and put the Ren amulet in its head. Still waiting on the Tyet heart to put in its chest. No one's likely to notice the weight of the hematite heart which is only about the size of a quarter. When it's all sewn up, I'll take a bunch of her stuffed animals over before work.

So if SM's little sycophants are reading this, you won't know which animal he is. Sucks to be you.


  1. Excellent idea. Now is she going to be aware of the protection or no?

  2. Glad it worked out for you. Very good choices. The fact that the Tyet is also tied to Hathor, Nephthys, and Nut can't hurt either. Especially Hathor since she's the goddess of joy and love. One symbol, four ancient goddesses. Can't go far wrong.

    Personally, I'd suggest not telling her. At least, not completely. You don't want something to slip to her parents and THEN you'd have NO way of helping her at all. Perhaps mention, like I said before, that "this one will watch out for you" or something vague that her childish mind can latch onto.

  3. As Mitch suggested, I told her that all her animals would look out for her... now her mom is peeved because all her stuffed animals have to be on her bed before she'll go to sleep. haha