Thursday, May 5


So having talked with my niece yesterday (E-Bear), she's been seeing people in the house and hearing someone call her name as early as last year... long before I started blogging. But daddy, who works as an "advocate" in a half-way house for the mentally infirm has suggested she's crazy... within earshot of her. Bastard. And mommy told her not to talk about it because keeping secrets is so healthy...

She was really stressed about my telling them.

And I can't do a thing about it because her father is very... anti anything that is "abnormal." Oh, they appreciate that I don't talk to her about spirits or other religions (they're quick to remind me whenever they need free babysitting services), but I try to send anything home with her or visit to leave a sneaky little protective present, and they find out? That's it... banned. I mean I've had them come down on me for putting a dab of peppermint on her head when she had a headache... because over the counter medications are soooo much better for the liver.

I mean, what am I supposed to do? You tell me? I'm the black sheep of the family. No one's going to argue with my sister and her (bastard) husband if they decide to eject me from their lives. The only reason I tolerate everyone piling into my house on the holidays is because they're family, even if they are more or less horrible people. I do it for the kids. E-Bear is *really* sensitive... and I dread her growing up emotionally crippled like I was for so long. All I could do was remind her to Never go with strangers or listen to them, but the voice she heard calling her name...

She thought it was her momma.


  1. It depends really on whether you want the parents to dislike you further or not. Sometimes you just have to break the rules to help someone that you love. Or you can be like Them and sneak around to her to protect her or teach her. She obviously needs it.

  2. All you can do is exactly what you have been doing. Let her know that no matter how unbelieveable something is, she can tell you and you'll believe her. That should mean a lot in the long run. When she's old enough, you can start telling her how to defend herself. Before that point... can you maybe give her a little "present" that is diguised as something normal? Like... put something inside a stuffed toy and give it to her. Tell her it'll watch over her or something. Kids buy into that crap.

  3. That is actually a great idea. There are plenty of her stuffed animals over here that's she's forgotten. I can just open one up and insert a charm... then send a bag of her stuff home because it's "piling up." The likelihood of anyone questioning why a beat up teddy bear has been "repaired" is pretty slim.


  4. You're welcome. I may not like kids - in fact, I hate them - but no one should have to live through the Hell that comes with the paranormal. Good luck.

  5. I'm not terribly fond of kids as a rule, family excluded. I haven't got the patience for dealing with them on a regular basis (which is why I'll probably never be a parent). But that doesn't mean I wouldn't protect any child in danger, family or not, or anyone else who needed me for that matter.

    Evil happens when good people see it and do nothing.