Wednesday, May 18

Not time yet

What the heck is that supposed to mean?

And why do proxies have the penmanship of kindergarteners?

Hate finding things tucked under my windshield wiper, especially as I usually only go out when it's dark. Which means I won't necessarily see your creepy little notes before the wind snatches them away. 

I'm also not a big fan of cryptic BS.

I get enough of that from my gods while they murmurmurmurmurmur in my ears 24/7. (I have to run two sound machines to distract me enough to even fall asleep. Thank goodness for meditation.) For as much talking as they do, they tell me precious little. All my research on finding the Ark and its contents? All MY work. I get the impression they don't want me to find it. And researching His name? All MY work too. Sometimes I think they keep things from me. All I have to go on to determine if I am even moving in the right direction is when their murmuring and mood changes to one of trepidation. He, or what He is doing, scares them.

That's not comforting. You'd think they'd be more forthcoming for that very reason, but noooooooo.


  1. Good luck with whatever is to come, if anything does, Mystery. Proxies remind me of children at times, with a side of leech.

  2. Even gods don't want others to know what they fear, or more importantly why they fear it.

    I wonder what would happen if you sent some cryptic bullshit back at them?
    Heh, Mssy's comparison just made my evening.

  3. @Mssy Yes, proxies are the brat children of Slendy... maybe with a side order of shaken baby syndrome. So I can't be too angry with them, poor things. Though goodness knows some days I want to hit them with a very large, very thick piece of wood.

    @Shady I think at most they would be deeply confused and wonder about my sanity, not that I don't already wonder about my sanity...

  4. Beat them at their own game, I say! Send them a children's riddle. That ought to confound them enough to get them off your case for a few days.

    Or weeks.

  5. I also think you should send them some coded gibberish, just to see what happens. It could get them off your back for a while.

  6. @Hospitaller heh I could steal a few from Tolkien I suppose, I don't expect proxies to be versed in good literature. Though I've always been a bit more partial to Nursery Rhymes, which might be more their speed. I wonder what would happen if every time I noticed Wildman, I shouted the Cats from Kilkenny poem at him?

    @TTF I hate coded gibberish... By the time I figured out what and how to code, the conflict with Slendy and friends might be over, however it's meant to turn out. I could always buy a bunch of children's puzzles and toss one at him whenever he gets too close maybe.