Tuesday, May 17

Proxies, immortality, and reincarnation

I've been thinking... about proxies and such who claim to be dead or who claim to have an extended life span.

Considering my own recall of past lives, what if the reason they believe such things about themselves is because their minds are so broken that their past lives are leaking through like psychic keloids? In my case, my past lives served to strengthen me after a traumatic event, but I shudder to think what a series of mental breaks would have done to me.

From what I have been able to observe from the blogs and vlogs of those who have been turned, they are harried and fractured beyond repair over the course of months or even years. Mental and physical abuse is a time honored tactic of cults the world over in indoctrinating recalcitrant members, but is their mental alteration simple madness or something more? It seems to me the fractured psyches of those SM takes an interest in cannot be described as simple PTSD, schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorder. There is purpose in what He does, but is His purpose to bring these previous personalities forward or is there some other goal?

And what really puzzles me, not that I'm complaining, is why He didn't do that to me. He let me go... why? Even now, with the exception of the other night when Wildman approached me, He hasn't really done anything to me aside from make me feel anxious about my niece, as if to distract me or deflect me from wider concerns for everyone else to more personal worries. It leaves me wondering if Wildman was even going to threaten me in any way... though considering SM's track record, I'd rather not stand still to find out.

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