Thursday, May 19

All's Quiet on the Eastern Front

Well, quiet with the exception of what Executor did to Shady, which has me seriously pissed.

Based on my past lives, I think we can all agree that I have the self-preservation instincts of a fruit fly on LSD, and I'm a pacifist to boot. I chose pacifism mainly in response to the violence my father visited upon us. It's not really in my nature, so I have to work at it constantly.

Nothing will rouse my temper faster than my family or friends in danger however. Let's just say that I did some questionable things in defense of friends when I was a kid and leave it at that. Point of fact, I have a very, very bad temper which I keep tight reigns on at all times. You've heard the term "blind with rage?" That's only happened to me twice. It wasn't pretty. The first time I almost killed someone. The second time at least it didn't get that far.

These days, most things people say or do to Me slides right off my back. I'm not so vain that I think I'm perfect. I know how to take criticism and ignore stupidity. Besides, falling under the heading of dubious talents, bad things tend to happen to the people who hurt me. I swear... I don't do anything... they just get what's coming to them without my having to lift a finger. People who tormented me in school... I later found out a lot of them ended up dead. I'd call it karma, but that's a western misrepresentation of what karma actually is. I tend to think they just continued in the same vein after I moved away and finally quit school, and so they brought whatever happened on themselves. At the same time, the number of times I've heard about something nasty happening to someone who hurt me... is beyond coincidence (and almost creepy).

About the only thing that has kept me from physical confrontation with Slendy and friends has been concern for my family, specifically my niece. Friends are a kind of extended family for me though, and I have few enough of them that when someone takes a swipe at one of them, I come pretty close to grabbing a lump of wood and looking for a target. This in light of what just happened to Drake. If Drake didn't have Tikka to look after him, I'd be feeding the rabid animals who hurt him their own entrails. Shady is a big girl, and I know she can take care of herself. At the same time, she's alone and just close enough that if something happened...

Don't go there, Executor. To quote David Banner... You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


  1. I hope Drake gets well. I can understand your rage, sitting back and watching those close to you get hurt in any way, shape, or form is not an option. It's comforting to know you are there to prop me back up, as I am sure anyone close to you can say the same. You know already that I'd do the same for you. Between you and I if Executor tries again I say we each grab an arm and yank till he splits in two.

  2. Past lives? I had assumed before now you were merely a human Fighter, like your ally Shady. So, are you? Hmm? Those who appose my Father are very brave to begin with, although I have only heard of Siblings that could recall who they were before the rebirth of their souls, and even then they did not express emotion as you do. Perhaps I should begin reading past posts you have made...Perhaps I have neglected this and sought an easier answer to my inquiry.

    On another note, I hope you do not get too involved, although this may be very naive for me to imply, and assumably unlikely in your case. You may ignore me entirely and continue doing what you are today. This may be because I have never had a "friend", at least not the type you constantly speak of. Nothing I have ever cared for has been harmed. Therefore I could never experience what you and the rest of the opposers do. Even though this may seem an unexpected response from Father's child, but I do not wish you to be harmed by any of my Father's people. I still do not understand why he does what he does, and what the purpose for it all is, or even why he must kill everyone. I do understand why you run, though. You run for survival.

    That may explain why I am uncertain, but I do not scowl at this. I do not proclaim you weak beings based upon survival methods, no matter how unsuccessful they may turn out to be. I do not think of you as the Siblings do, and I do not wish harm to come of anyone, whether they be a Sibling or not. So...I conclude by wishing you and those that support you safety, as well as comfort in whatever form it may be.

  3. Trinity: They will be family of yours soon enough. Should they not give reason to end up dead.

    Mystery: Already there.

  4. @Shady We are defined by our choices, especially the connections we choose, and those to whom we form strong bonds of friendship are often family and loved ones from previous lives.

    When we get our hands on Executor, what wish shall we make?

    @Trinity Am I... human? I've never really been sure. I am definitely a minority. Sometimes I think I am the next step in human evolution; sometimes I think I am some kind of throwback to before humanity slaughtered so many of its wisefolk.

    I wouldn't have a problem with your "father" if he didn't take choices away from people. Nor do I have a problem with those who chose him freely. The ability to choose one's path in life is to me the most sacred possession a person may have. To take away someone's right to pursue their own life lessons is akin to rape.

    @Executor In your dreams (haha)