Wednesday, May 4


Babysitting my six year old niece today and tomorrow... Have been told by her mother that she's been playing with matches because they found a pile (?!) hidden in the basement. I'm not buying it since no one over there or here smokes, so where would the matchbooks have come from?

Is this why I haven't seen the Wildman lately?

Look, I couldn't care less if you come after me since I'm more than capable of taking care of myself, but you don't go after my family, especially not the babies, or you'll be one sorry SOB.


  1. Good thing about matches and lighters: More ammo to set things(people) on fire!

    If that giant lug screws with your kin he's going to get hell rained down upon him.

  2. I wish I could comfort myself with that thought...

    I would rather not have to contemplate the latter by having to worry about the former. They need to leave my family alone, period.

  3. unfortunately, they don't listen too well

  4. True, family and proxies both.

  5. you have its attention now. your actions beget actions, did you fear no reprisal?
    they do not come for revenge. or anger.
    that is human.
    they come for your knowledge and your pain.
    act now act first if you have love of them.
    first. they will attack your heart.

  6. Attacking the defenseless because they can't get at me is a coward's tactic. If they want to come at me, fine. I'm ready for them. But to go after someone who's completely uninvolved and helpless is an act of weakness.

  7. you must open your eyes and stop reacting like a human if you have love for her. if you would save her.
    they do not know cowardice or honor or bravery
    they will break you from the outside in
    they will take from you and revel in your loss
    in this manner they will kill your heart first

    and your mind will follow.

    i know this for truth. i would not see another child die. act.

  8. Victor... what would you have me do? Snatch her and run? Where would I go? How would I take care of her, and me, and worry about the cops dragging us back? I am doing what I can with what I know.

  9. do as thou wish. as you can. just know that these things do not behave by human rules or have human cares as you.
    they come and it will be sideways from what you see.

    if you continue believing honor, coward, weakness, these humane things that humane creatures know well... you will die and with you, her.

    i would. i am not. not clear. no.

  10. Victor... I appreciate your candor even if I can't take your advice. Do you think they'd stop if I adopted their tactics and became violent? I'd become as bad as them, and then what? They'd still have won and probably still send more to hurt my loved ones. I can't hire an army to guard my people 24/7.