Saturday, October 1


All day long, I've had the MASC agents asking after Shady. Look, she's my friend, but I am not her keeper. I have enough to do to take care of Lullaby. Go look for her under Sunshine's tree. You know the tree that your agents are always trying to harass him out of?

We're running low on everything, and Lullaby is starting to resemble one of those kids you see in those commercials. Do they give those kids extra food for a year to star in their little extortion scheme? I sure hope so. Or maybe I'm just feeling pessimistic.

No matter how much I feed Lullaby, she gets thinner and her belly gets bigger. It's all still mostly amniotic fluid from what the doctor told us, but that doesn't make it less huge. They've figured out that the baby is growing an average of nineteen days to every one of ours, making the baby a little less than 100 days old (or about 13 weeks). At this rate, Lully will either starve to death, baby and all, or she'll give birth some time next week. Hard to say which, when MASC is being grudging about the food and about giving me money to buy food. At least they brought in a bunch of protein shakes for when I absolutely have to sleep and food runs low.

Every day we make the trip to the MASC medical wing for an examination. Every day they try to talk Lullaby into staying. Today they tried to use Doc being laid up in a bed with his injuries as leverage to get her to stay. "Don't you want to be near the father of your baby?" Every day they try to talk me out of coming, so I can stay home and cook for her (since it's a three hour round trip).

FML, we need a maid service and a cook. I can't keep up. These MASC agents are slobs and need to get out of my living room. I don't know how Lullaby can sleep through the construction, but considering she has to wake up every few hours just to eat, I guess she's adapted. At least we have a full bathroom again, expanded and with more toilets and shower stalls, but in much the same place as before... I keep expecting a ghost whenever I go in there. Thankfully the orderly seems to have moved on.

Brood's set to move into the front bedroom. All his furniture was delivered yesterday AND IS SITTING IN BOXES IN THE LIVING ROOM ALONG WITH ALL HIS LACKEYS while outlets and lights are installed in his room and other places we neglected when Crowley was here. Today many long, wooden crates arrived and were taken into the storage room across from our eventual monitoring room. This means we are officially armed. I don't know with what. The door is padlocked. That seems counter intuitive. The CCTV is set to be installed tomorrow. The first floor is now structurally sound again... all new windows, many new outlets, and overhead fluorescent lighting (yuck). They're tearing apart the second floor starting Monday, I think. I'm almost looking forward to it if it will get all these people out from in front of my room.

So.. very... tired.... and hungry. When did I last eat... 1:30 I think, when we got back from MASC, and I made Lulls soup...


  1. mysterium, please dont neglect you're own health. eat something and get some rest. with the way things are, you cant afford to be tired and have little energy.

    wishing you all safety with the times ahead,

  2. if I wasn't going to look for Hawk...I would make a special stop by your place and smack a few agents around. God these people are frustrating.
    Take care of yourself woman, or you won't be able to take care of anyone else.

  3. These people need smacking Eternity. I swear to the gods this is the stuff I expect of government agencies, but I really hoped for more common sense and less Big Brother tactics.