Thursday, September 29

My Life... is a soap opera...

Yeah... sorry no post yesterday. I'm sure you have a lot of questions. The answer to your questions is what gave me a migraine, making my previous post title prophetic. Not the first time I've been accused of being psychic, but...

I am in a house full of children.

Not that I really blame them for anything, but I don't like feeling so helpless to help the people I love.

Lullaby is pregnant, and this is not your normal over in nine months kind of pregnancy. At this rate, she'll starve to death before she's full term... Because since Tuesday, Lullaby's little "bump" has doubled in size. She is constantly hungry because her body is sending everything to the baby. They're scheduling all kinds of tests, but so far the baby seems completely normal despite its accelerated growth. So yay? I have theories but...

So who's the daddy, you might wonder? Some supernatural nightmare? An alien? A god?

No... apparently it's Doc. Doc did it. Doc's the only one she's ever slept with (in Advocate's basement?! I'm sure my face made all kinds of interesting contortions when Lulls told me that), and apparently they love each other very much. Enough that when Agent Z decided it was a good idea to call Lully fat, Doc beat the ever-loving snot out of him. He's just lucky I wasn't in the kitchen at the time because I would have made Lullaby a meal and told him he was no longer welcome in the house. Brood be damned, I'd have sent him into the woods to spend the night.

Of course, I didn't know He was haunting the woods.

For some reason, Doc felt it was a good idea to go for a walk, alone, outside the wards. And this... is a first for us. We've had issues with proxies, but this is the first time Slenderman has ever attacked anyone staying here. I can't fathom why he would pick on Doc. He's one of the most inoffensive people I've ever met, hospitalizing Agent Z not withstanding.

Gods, he was in bad shape, and Lullaby was in near hysterics when she found him. Brood was out of the house with Z because Doc REALLY did a number on him. Apparently Z has been trying to transfer out for a while. At the very least, he won't be back for a couple weeks. So that left Agent Joshua in charge, and he was not inclined to go looking for Doc. Of course, Lullaby climbed out of her window to find him, and there he was on the edge of our former garden. Least our wards are still working... I hope... I mean Slenderman could have thrown him through a window or strung him up from some of the construction vehicles currently parked inside them, if He really wanted to make the effort.

So... Doc is at MASC headquarters for his injuries. Agent Z is in some undisclosed hospital (apparently he as a wife who wouldn't be able to visit him otherwise... a likely story), and Lullaby... I'm feeding her as much and as often as I can and making sure there are plenty of leftovers, but I'm afraid if this pregnancy doesn't stabilize, she's going to end up hospitalized before long too. I... want to suggest an abortion because the only thing I can think of is that this has something to do with the bean, but she's so happy...


  1. Ah, that happened way back when Lullaby first arrived and was possessed by a dollmaking monster. I performed an exorcism and forced the personality into a bean, then sewed it up in her doll. It then inhabited the doll and even moved it around until Thuggee attacked us.

    And then Advocate made Lully swallow it.

  2. the dollmaking monster i knew about. the exorcism i knew about. somehow, i missed the bean part xD (trivial details, no?)

    advocate......gotta say, at least hes a sick sadistic murderer who is original. chemicals, and needles. not your usual run of the mill weapondry.
    the weaponry of a murderer tells you much about there persona......which only makes that even MORE interesting to me.
    not the point though. if he made her eat that bean, then you have an extremely delicate situation here.

    what are your thoughts so far on possible solutions?

  3. I want to say abortion, but I have a feeling that Lullaby will be violently opposed. And honestly, I don't know how that would affect her. She and the doll were still psychically connected, so if we try to abort, it might still kill her, if carrying the baby to term doesn't kill her first. I'm fighting to keep her at the house for the moment because I'm not sure I trust MASC not to experiment on her, and I'm worried about anything they might be doing to Doc aside from seeing to his wounds.

  4. alright. so lets lay out a list right off the bat.
    action: aborting the baby

    pro's: if the bean thing is whats growing in her, it will most likely die and /or revert to its previous state.

    con's:if we try to abort, we may end up killing lullaby
    if we try to abort lullaby may end up going into a state of violent mania
    if we don't abort we may have her dead anyways.

    now, judging from this list of pro's and cons, it would probably be more of a risk to lullabys safety to abort then not to. do you have any other options to lay on the table or shall i take a swing at bat?

  5. I'd say there's a greater chance of damage to Lullaby in trying to abort than not. If I can keep her fed, hopefully the baby can be born and then we'll be able to watch the both of them for signs of... psychotic inclinations.

  6. alright. so let me run a scenario by you.
    lets say the baby, is in fact, docs. this isn't just some evil bean fetus, the baby is lullaby's. could it be possible for our Ben to attach itself to the child in a way that will make it so it grows as the child ages?

  7. Oh! Lullaby's a mother! I hope this means I'm an auntie now! :)

    What do you think she should name it, my Lady?

    hi trinitas :D

  9. Ugh... This is why I don't like girls.

    Lullaby, good luck... I'm sorry this happened to you. And keep yourself alive, always think about yourself first, ok?

  10. Ike, we'll just have to wait and see.

    Silly Trina, Lullaby gets to name the baby.

    Lucas... I want to harass you so bad for that statement. lol You made me laugh so hard. To think all this time you didn't like girls because you were afraid of babies. Really doesn't seem like a good reason to choose your orientation. (Imagines things being thrown at my head now. lol) Thanks for the giggles.

  11. Meh, I'm fully aware of female biology. I can end up covered in blood and mucus from dissections and still eat lunch but that stuff just makes me feel like I need a shower or ten when I think about it.

    I hardly have a choice in the matter Dear. :p

  12. Lucas <3 It's okay. I got a good giggle out of it. ;)

  13. oh, im so glad im part of this now ^_^ gay guys that are afraid of babys, psychic smart people, and tall facelss demons in suits.

    this, is living ^_^

  14. IKE!! Hi, Ike.

    So if Lucas is afraid of babies, Mystery is smart, and Father is a demon in a suit, than what am I? :)

  15. YOU are adorable, my Lady. So very adorable. :3

    I just learned that face. It sort of looks like...a kissy face. Sorta.

  16. heh kissy face. I've always thought it looked like a smug kitty. I imagine a little "mew" whenever I see it.

    Would you like a kitten when you come home Trina? I'll get you one just as soon as you come back if you'd like. Or a puppy, one like Betty maybe?

  17. OH MY GOSH!! Would you seriously DO that, Mystery?! I mean, I'm already home, but...I could wait. :) :) :)


    A kitty...I promise I would take great care of it, of course! I'd probably hide it from the MASC men, since I'm afraid they'd try to kill it, thinking it was an animal Proxy or something. They're so dumb. Haha.

  18. I'm sure none of the MASC agents would hurt your kitten. They're not that stupid.

    We'll go get one tomorrow. I saw a barn with a free kitten sign up just the other day. I'm sure they must have some left. We'll go see.

  19. I'm so excited!! Thanks, my Lady. You're awesome. <3