Wednesday, September 21


We lost Trina and Lucas, but at least Lullaby and Doctor Proctor have found their way to us. And now Drake is home as well, much to our relief.

I can at least tell Ecko how Drake was able to run so easily through the trees.

I was sitting in what's left of the garden when I saw a red aura coming through the trees, but it appeared at the treeline without any body attached. First thing I thought was "Ghost!" It bumped against trees and rolled over rocks much as mine does when I'm not watching it for such shenanigans. A few seconds later, Drake appeared. It was his aura and was attached by only the most tenuous of cords. Wherever his aura had preceded him, he seemed to know instinctively where those obstacles were.

Of course I had to talk my bodyguard down from taking shots at the new invader and stop him from calling his friends once he noticed Drake.  I think they're getting used to people just showing up though. He kind of put his gun down and rolled his eyes before walking into the house, probably to make a report or something. I've noticed when these guys aren't waving their guns around, they usually have a handful of legal looking papers. I've heard some of them grumbling about photocopies. Filing in triplicate boys?

I'll let Drake tell you what happened though. I think he's working on a post.

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