Wednesday, June 15

Pushy, pushy

I refuse to be cowed. I refuse to be afraid. This... bozo hasn't said anything about anything that couldn't have been gleaned or improvised from things I've mentioned here. He wants to imply that he got into my attic and was eaten by the Rake before somehow obtaining a new body? Fine. He's just playing on that dream I mentioned about the Rake coming out of my closet and eating my toes. At least, I'm pretty sure I posted about that at some point. And I've mentioned the thing that lives in my attic a couple times, so he just slapped the two together and threw himself into the mix.

He's just a crazy psycho stalker a-hole who better stay the hell away from anyone and everyone I care about. Because if he does hurt someone, I will lose my temper, and if I lose my temper, anything he images the Rake did to him will pale in comparison to the horror that I will bring down on his head.


In other news... the crazy note sender has returned with another message. I can't do it justice since I haven't got a camera, or a scanner for that matter. Imagine though, if you will, a note pasted to a piece of purple construction paper that is so old it's begun to go brittle and yellow at the edges. On this paper has been pasted letters of various size and shape, cut from magazines and possibly at least one cereal box.

The message reads. mAybe it's tiMe you cAlled hoMe

That's it... Pains were taken to mark the O in home through with a sharpy to make an operator symbol. The letters I capitalized are not capitalized in the note, but they are all from the same source (cursive font on a red background) and seem to be placed a fraction higher than the other letters. They form MAMA backwards, or Ma'am if you rearrange them, but that's just silly and senseless. Of course, I could just be reading too much into it and the letters are not meant to be emphasized at all. Mama is nearly as silly as Ma'am; I may be motherly to those who let me, but I'm nobody's mother.

As little as I like being told what to do... I should replace my phone if only to have one and stop relying on Shady to deliver any non-existent calls from potential employers. And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there will be many, many messages from my family attempting to make me feel small and worthless. What are families for, after all?


  1. I may be wrong but it could it be referring to your own mother?

  2. I REALLY hope that is NOT the case. I'm gonna go see about getting a new phone tomorrow. Hopefully they'll only charge me the $50 replacement fee.

  3. Yes phone company's do love to milk you from your cash >.< Just look out for your crazy stalker, he seems psycho.

  4. Oddly enough... I believe this is the answer to Vindicate's riddle today.

    So my first conclusion is, Slendy wants me to get it right. Second is the secret note maker works for Vindicate.

    Third-- it's all a coincidence, and you're right.

    None of these are very good thoughts to have.