Sunday, May 22


You all may be aware that Executor has kidnapped Shady. He and his associate are torturing her for "information" and to make an example of her. Even as I write this, I have to pause as my fists clench... I am so angry; I am literally shaking with rage.

I do not handle feeling helpless well. So I refuse to be helpless. I won't sit around waiting. I've made a choice... I'm going to Shady's place tomorrow. I've managed to get off from work until Wednesday. So I'm going to go to Jersey. I can't track Shady from here, but I will go to her house and get something personal... a bit of hair, clothes... gods help me, blood. I'll make a charm to track her, and I will make Executor and Advocate suffer for all they've done.

If anyone saw ANYTHING strange in New Jersey, don't be afraid to mentioned it here. Any little thing that you may have noticed in the past few days... strangely masked emos... three people acting suspiciously. We're looking for at least two men. The numbered proxy in Executor's posts is not identified as male or female. So we can't guarantee we're looking for three males.

And Shady of course. She, at least, I can describe. She is pale and small, 5'1", with medium length hair, brown with violet underneath and a single streak of green on the left. Her eyes change from hazel to blue and purple, not that you would have noticed if you saw her at night. If anyone saw anyone manhandling anyone fitting Shady's description, please let me know. From what she told me before she was kidnapped, Executor is not much bigger than she is, but at that point she had only seen him in a dream. A master of dreams can appear any old way he or she wishes, so there's not guarantee he's actually that height in the flesh.

Executor, if you are reading this, I'll find you. I will. But I know you are far too vain to read my words unless they appear on your own blog, which is why I am not afraid to state my intent. I've threatened you. Not idle threats, I assure you. Perhaps you missed the post where I said I was a pacifist by choice. It is not in my nature to forgive those who trespass against me and mine. And if there's one thing that would make me go on the offensive, it's someone I care for being tortured by a sadist like you.

You had better pray to your sick, sad god that Shady ends up home and safe and that she talks me down from doing you permanent harm. Or the pain you have so far put Shady through will pale in comparison to the seven layers of Hell that will descend upon your head.


  1. Mystery, you are as brave as our wise Shady. I admire this courage you obtain, and I wish greatly to help, though I am unable to move about as freely as your from this place I am kept within. I do so care for Shady as you do, I believe I am also love her, for I cannot read Executor's words without noticing a tear on my cheek, and yet I must keep reading so that I may know that Shady has kept her promise to me. I must know that she is alive, injured or not.

    I must speak with you privately, Mystery, Sibling. Once you have seen this, brave ally of Shady, I request that you contact me on what newest post I have up. I shall give to you another way to speak with me, so that not all may publicly view our words. It may not make any difference, but I feel that I must take precautions for your safety, Mystery. Never shall I let another be harmed by what I have said to them...

  2. The Mad Ventriloquist is not in New Jersey, so he can not know if strange things have happened in New Jersey. Or even what New Jersey would think strange. He will help in any way he can though.

  3. Thank you MadV. Every little bit helps, even moral support.

  4. Mystery: You should add bruised and leaking to the description; the thing did not come willingly.

  5. You'll get what's coming to you, Executor, and I think I have said all that is necessary on that account.

  6. Executor, how much you must enjoy the suffering of others, hmm? I am not a bit surprised she would resist you. No creature on land or sea would willingly open their mind to such a foul, disgusting beast.

    Every child is born pure and innocent. Myself, Ronald, both of us were once kept safely and loved. Even you, despite what a waste of life and effort and time you are, felt love at one point, Executor. No one was born in the clutch of our Father, only kept His out of force or merely insanity. Those who enjoy death as you do contribute nothing to life or the world that was given to you as a gift. When Death welcomes you to its domain, I only wish that you may forgive yourself once you have felt what those who have known your cruelty felt.

  7. I'll keep you and Shady in my thoughts. Moral support is all I can give. Good Luck.

  8. Unfortunately, I do not live in New Jersey. Good luck, Mystery.

  9. I don't know you, but Lucas is following you so I thought I could chime in.

    If I lived in New Jersey then I would keep a look out for her, apologies that I don't. However, you and Shady will be in my mind. You have my best wishes.


  10. you care so, you wish her free?
    what would you give up, sacrifice for that, such things to measured in blood and pain?

    would you die for her?

  11. Dying is easy. Living is hard. You want me to die for her? That'd be the easy part. Life is suffering. Do I choose to suffer for her? Yes.

  12. you love.

    as so many others. against all of natural law.
    you do love.

    suffer so, the children. i failed them then. do i fail thee now?
    what would you have of me, it is within my reach to grasp her.

    she holds me here but
    i hunger sso.
    your suffering will free you. your suffering will free you.
    i hear
    i obey.

  13. Victor, No. I would not ask you to free Shady because we both know that your idea of freedom might end in her death as well as those who are hurting her. I'm not that desperate yet and neither is she. She still fights and so I sending you to her rescue would be premature. Should it become clear that she has given up, then I might reconsider. But until then, she would not thank me for even considering it while she still fights on her own.

  14. Wow, this emotional dribble is delightful. If only you could comprehend the wondrous process we are going through! In fact, I would dare to say that Shady is furthering the process of what has been a project far too long in the making. This a wonderful step, and I suggest you accept it as it is. Don't resist it.

    Oh, and I'm truly enjoying the Lady. She is a good toy. I'll try not to break her. I may do a little routine remodeling of her face, maybe even sow her eyelids or her mouth shut for kicks... but, nothing plastic surgery can't *try* to fix.

    Anyways, it's been great talking to you.
    You can call me The Advocate.
    Talk to you later.

  15. You are vile... and sick.

    Rabid. That's a good word for you. A rabid animal that has no right to call itself human and barely the right to call itself an animal. Animals do not harm their own.

    Any mark on Shady, every scar... every memory that weighs her down, will be taken out on you whenever we might meet. Consider that when next you hurt my friend.

    I am an empath. I feel everything everyone around me feels all the time, and if I ever have you and Shady in the same room, I will make you relive EVERYTHING you've done to her in spades.

  16. Is it just me or do I smell some hostility? I admire your vocabulary, but please let's be frank: You want to hurt me. Why? Because I'm enjoying myself? If you're jealous of the fact that I receive pleasure from my profession, perhaps I'll invite you to my next project. I'd love to share the experience with you.

    And I look forward to our meeting. I've never had the opportunity to feel the pain that I have distributed to my victims... It would be a wonderful learning experience. Maybe you could hop on the pain train as well. After feeling the doses I have dealt, perhaps it will even encourage me to be more frivolous in my decisions. You sir, have just encouraged me to try a whole new field of testing procedures on your girlfriend!

    Thanks for the advice,
    I'll get back to later and tell you how it goes.

  17. You already work with a mindbender. I'm sure you've seen what he can do to people's minds. *And he can't get into my head.*

    If we met, you would not be doing much more than drooling in a padded cell somewhere after the encounter.