Sunday, May 1

Rake Dream and another little "present"

I work nights, as you may have realized. So I take a three to four hour "nap" before I go in and another three to four hour "nap" when I get home. Twice the dream time!

Normally I love my dreams, but lately I haven't been dreaming at all. Which sucks because sleeping without dreams just doesn't seem worth it. So I was dreamless... until last night before work, I had a rake dream. Don't worry. I'm absolutely certain is was nothing but a dream... since I still have all my toes. I blame Rev Loon and his video.

In my dream, the rake came out of my closet (I have a fear that one day while I'm lying in bed, I'm going to hear the door slide open...), crawled up to the foot of my bed, and chewed off my toes. Since I still have all my toes, no... the Rake was not in my house.

This reminded me of dreams I haven't thought of since I was a kid though.

We all know little kids are weird. I had this belief/recurring dream that these "children of the boogeyman" would come and steal my hands, feet, and face if I left them outside of the covers. I also thought they'd swipe my legs if I let them dangle in public restrooms, but that was just paranoia and nothing to do with dreaming. Because of course the fact that I still keep my arms and legs and head under the covers to this day has nothing to do with being paranoid...

So this morning when I got home from work (haven't slept yet), I went over to clean the events building for the Canal Association. It's a little extra money in my pocket. This was the second time I've cleaned since it reopened for the season. Last time (Friday), nothing untoward happened aside from a bunch of kids hiding behind the building to smoke and some really creepy wind gusts after I sent the kids packing that sounded like breathing.

Friday I went in the afternoon, so there were quite a few people out. Today though, I went in the early morning, just after dawn. So it was light out, but not a lot of people. There were two fishermen and some guy sitting on his porch and that was it. I have a key with which I can lock the door behind me, and there is literally no way in that I cannot control. Aside from seeing things out of the corner of my eye that looked like people and scaring myself silly every time I turned around, the pavilion was safe as houses.

It was not until I was done and opened the door that my secret "admirer" made it known that he or she had been around. One or the other of them had taken a pile of rocks and more or less arranged them in a bird-like shape (alluding to my mockingbird friend?). A foot or so beyond the bird (which I almost stepped on), there was an frowny face made of canal mud (I know things about the canal that would have me scrubbing for a week if I so much as put my big toe in that water), which my shadow stalker had overlay with more river stones to make an operator symbol. Then from the nearby trees I heard the whistling of a mockingbird.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't a mockingbird.

I hightailed it home.

The fishermen and the guy on the porch were nowhere to be seen.

I really need to get batteries for my camera, but I'm afraid I'd just suck the energy right out of them. Friday I was more paranoid about crossing the canal because I managed to deplete my phone and had to leave it home to charge, and then while I was cleaning, I sucked the juice out of my IPod as well. I actually felt pretty comfortable today, so thanks for ruining my peace of mind Wildman and friend.

Proxies are jerks.


  1. I do appologize for giving you unusual dreams.
    And as far as the proxies go, it could have been worse
    -Stay Safe, Rev.Loon

  2. I know... I'm pretty much just waiting for the other shoe to fall. After the attic thing ate whoever tried to come in that way, they've been keeping their distance.

    The dream wasn't really your fault and it wasn't the worst thing I've ever dreamed by far, but it was a good segway to mention your video :)