Thursday, April 28

And then there were two

Though the big one seems not to like the little one. It chases him around and around the park. I've taken to calling the big one Wildman (of Borneo). His one defining feature is the hair... long, lank, grizzly hair. He hasn't gotten within a yard of me, but I imagine he smells. Just a guess.

The little one, I don't know. I only noticed it a day ago. It dropped out of a tree practically on top of Wildman. Never saw one of Them run so fast. Both of them disappeared into the trees. The little one is very small, very thin. Could just be a kid, but that doesn't explain why Wildman fled the scene and seems to be avoiding it whenever I can even spot the little one.

I'm not sure which of them did it... but there was another little present for me today. I'm kind of angry about it. It wasn't an ironic collection like the last one. No, this one was a slap in the face.

Since spring started bringing the birds home, there's been a mocking bird hanging out in the tree near where I park. Every morning he whistled to me, and I whistled back... trying to teach him Ina Godda Davida (not very successfully). Today as I came out of work, there was a mangled mocking bird on my windshield. The coworkers suggested a cat or a possum got it.

And my little friend did not greet me this morning. Though it's raining; so he could be off eating worms....


  1. Those bastards. How low of them. I really hope he's just off eating worms.

  2. I think he's gone... I haven't heard him today either. :(

    I suppose it's just a good thing I haven't got any pets any more.

  3. Aw, I'm sorry. :(

    I suppose it's a good thing in the long run...I guess...