Thursday, April 21

The Attic

Good gawwwwwds!

I told you to stay out of the frikkin attic. What the hell? Did you think I was joking?

Least you Unseelie don't leave your bodies lying around for long, but there's still a huge stain and the smell... I should have gone up as soon as I heard the thud the other day, but the attic is not my favorite place. And while the Thing tolerates me, it's not exactly a people person.

Ah, mothballs... somehow I never thought my olfactory nerve would find their smell preferable to the sickly smell of rotting meat.

The Attic Thing started breathing down my neck after a few minutes, so I beat a hasty retreat. He-it is so territorial, but at least I know anything I leave up there is protected.

And certainly none of His are going to get in that way.

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