Saturday, January 1

#1 In which I break my own rules


You don't know me. I'd like to keep it that way. These are not things I talk about with anyone. Such has been my safety net for decades.

In this blog, I will not tell you who I am, where I am, or what I am. You may infer a few things from my writing style or knowledge base, but I will neither confirm nor deny. I am not here to tell you about myself.

Call me Mystery if you like or any other name. I don't care. This blog is an attempt to ease my mind by being bluntly honest with my peers.

I only recognize one evil and that is taking another's choices in life away from them. Everyone has the right to choose what to believe and who to follow. So I do not judge you unless you steal that right from someone, which is what He does and why I oppose Him.

This will be the only post in which I mention Slenderman by name. Names have power to call and to control. The former is more easily done than the latter, at least while the more powerful spirits sleep. So instead, I will use euphemisms for Him -The Man, SMan, SM...

Maybe you've seen this rather tall fellow standing off to the side, abnormally tall and thin as a young willow but smartly dressed. Perhaps he has a glandular problem (I kid, but laughter is after all the best medicine). It's when you get to his face, OMG His face, that you realize He is not human... not by a long shot.

Because He has no face.

But you knew that because you've been looking for answers, and then you found his description, and then you found His Name, and then by accident, you found me.

Maybe you've only seen Him and are wondering WTH is going on. Maybe you're a member of His cult and are trolling for dissidents like me. Maybe you've managed to free yourself, for all the good it's done you (you know what I mean).

What makes me so special that I can sit here and glibly tell you what's what and who's who and how you can be safe?

I was never taken.

Intrigued? Confused? Amused?

Read on.

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