Tuesday, September 27

Military Intelligence

So... I finally found out what happened at the mansion while MASC was interrogating us. If they had just told us that Victor came and Slenderman was here, I'm sure we would have been a lot more understanding about our trigger happy armed escort. But no, I had to find out from Victor's blog, or I guess Samuel's now.

I don't even know how many MASC agents died in the fight, but it sounds like a lot. Yeesh, no wonder they've been so paranoid. This is where communication would be VERY helpful, Brood! All I can do is shake my head here. This is idiocy... military intelligence at its finest.

In other news... the thing those guards were shooting at, I overheard some of them talking, though they clammed up as soon as they noticed me. Hard to keep secrets when there are thirteen (oh... lucky us, just realized :/ ) people in a space that used to seem bigger. I guess they figured the construction would mask their talking, but I heard enough to come to the conclusion that what they saw... was Shadowchild.

And if she's here, what's going on with my niece?

Well, I'm going to confront Brood with both items and see what he says. Wish me luck.


  1. Good...Good luck, Mystery.
    People die when communication is lost. Wonder how many bodies it will take for them to realize that.

  2. I am sorry that you had to learn about the incident in such a fashion. Victor does not react well... to soldiers.

  3. I'm hoping no more, Eternity. Now that I know what caused their paranoia and they've seen the repercussions of keeping secrets, I hope they're ready to communicate like their lives depend on it... because they probably do.

    Completely understandable Samuel, considering what he's been through. Maybe I can get these MASC people to dress casual. I mean, if anyone stumbled onto our property, they'd probably wonder what all these armed, uniformed men were doing here and jump to the terrorist assumption. It's not all about the Slenderman... the rest of the world has other concerns.