Saturday, August 13

Power Outage

The power is out, and has been for almost an hour now. At first I thought it was the passing storm, but we're not hooked into any grid. So even if the storm knocked out the power in town, it shouldn't have affected ours. And the power in town is just fine... I'm there now for some flashlights and candles. Figured I'd post while I had access to wifi.

Then I thought of the rats. Eternity was worried about them. Now I'm wondering if maybe they chewed through some essential wires.

We still have the wards, and even without electricity passing through them, the ones in the fence still do their job. But without the power flowing through them, I could see their aura was much diminished even before I left. It would probably still keep out most things, but it's not a chance I want to take.

We'll sleep in shifts tonight, just in case this is part of some plan to weaken our defenses. If the power's not back on by tomorrow morning, I guess I'll have to head back into town to see if I can buy some needy electrician's silence with the money we have left. Still on a Sunday, how many places will even be open though? Can't go to any big name businesses... there'd be a paper trail.


  1. Your wards are electrical-based? That is a dilemma, indeed.
    I hate to suggest it, but animal wards might become necessary after this gets fixed.

  2. Find someone that doesn't care for names, pay in cash. But, I hate to tell you, you really ought to do it soon. "Most things" probably doesn't include the things you want to keep out more than the rest.

  3. No, the wards built into the fence will work without the electricity, but it definitely boosts their effectiveness. And yeah, I might have to consider a broader spectrum of wards. I was operating under the assumption that humans and inhuman monsters would be the only creatures I had to keep out. Well, least I can be sure the deer will stay out of the garden once I put up the new animal wards. :|

    I found someone to fix the electric and he also warned me to do something about the rats. So I guess it's unanimous. Honestly, I'm just glad nothing happened last night.