Wednesday, July 6

the 4th

Home.... and needless to say, this is HOME. And I will never, ever go back to my family or even contact them again. Executor, you are SOL if you send more dreams. Give my sister another nervous breakdown. See if I care. My mom too, all things considered. They're no family of mine. I have had enough.

Ugh... I'm still sick with whatever drugs they gave me. Hopefully another night's sleep will clean it all out of my system, and I'll have the energy to post about what happened Monday. I think Shady's working on a post... I think being in that place even for a little while has shaken her up too.

I've just been dragging around all day, trying to muster the energy to talk about what happened, and I just can't.

I'm so depressed.


  1. We... We just need to sleep it off. Sit down, process this all. Think, you know? Glad you're back. Happy. Comforting. Let's just take the day off. Yea, I like that. Think about it tomorrow. You're home now with us, and we will keep you safe and you will be cared for. Looks like Executor has to confront us himself from now on. Good. You want to aim high or low when he shows?

  2. blood knows what the blood knows
    madness does take its toll
    and those familial ties that bind
    do they now a prison make?

    how do you murder your enemy?

    you attack hiss heart.
    welcome home.

  3. Well, now you're just rubbing salt into the wounds.....

  4. Depression doesn't suit you or anyone else. Just be glad you're out and safe.

  5. i would see those woundss scarred over and replenished nigh
    i would see you

  6. I would not say I am depressed any more... still angry, but not depressed. I think I have been through all five stages of grief, out of order as they might be, but I'll address that when I can string my thoughts together without more anger.

    There is no worse treachery than betrayal from one's family.

  7. Family is not the only thing that aims to betray you.
    How is it you do not see?
    I will show you,
    there is a traitor amongst you.