Sunday, June 19


Executor has done something to my mother, or says he has. I've gone home again. I'm home right now and messing with the old phone I found yesterday, Hopefully I can get it to work with the SIM card from my dead phone. No one's around. Went around to my mom's place first; no one was there either. If I get my phone working, I can call around and see where everyone is...

For all I know, Executor is full of crap and everyone's at Knoebel's. Places that packed with people make my skin crawl, but I'm cut from very different cloth than most people.

I'll update later if I find anything out.


  1. Keep us informed and be careful. This could be true, a wild goose chase, or a trap.

  2. Be safe, my Lady Mystery. Keep your lovely eyes aware of all that surrounds you.