Tuesday, May 10

Lives 4,5, & 6

The next three lives are a muddle which may or may not have occurred in this order: Jerusalem, South America, and Egypt again.

In Jerusalem, I was an outspoken woman in favor of social reform (specifically no more child sacrifice). People didn't like that, and one day at the market they began throwing stones until I was knocked unconscious. I was then dragged to the refuse area beyond the city gates, commonly referred to the Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna, where I was set on fire. Christians may recognize Gehenna as a term for a part of hell. Scholars believe that it grew from this real place outside the walls of Jerusalem where criminals were punished and waste fires continuously burned. There is even some conjecture that there was a temple to Ba'al in the Valley of Hinnom. The name, Ba'al, simply means "lord," but at that time, Ba'al worship was notorious for child sacrifice of the first born by fire. Perhaps my attackers thought I was dead from being stoned, but I doubt it.

This was the first life I remembered after I was attacked at school (an event so similar it may have been the trigger to all my other memories). If the lesson I was to learn here was to keep my big mouth shut, it obviously went right over my head (considering how many other times I've been murdered). This past life, and being attacked in my current life, explains my agoraphobia in large groups. And far from making me more reticent, being killed for my beliefs made me passionately defiant of any perceived oppression. I don't care who you are, if you're oppressed (for religion, sexuality, race, whatever), I'm on your side. I'll always stand up for the underdog.

The following life in South America was one of the few lives where I was "someone." That it is to say, I was someone of high social standing. Not that it saved me, on the contrary; it made me the most reasonable choice for sacrifice. The Olmec were a pre-Columbian people living along the Gulf of Mexico. Though it is not officially known why they died out, speculation is that environmental changes made their homeland useless for farming. This I can confirm (if a past life can ever be used to confirm a scholarly debate) in so far as I served as a sacrifice to the rain god, Chac... neither the first, nor the last to serve that purpose. Though the shaman may simply have chosen me because he and my father were at odds, it was a high honor to give one's life to the gods for the sake of the people. In this life, I was a young woman of about thirteen years. The shaman took me to a snake pit but pushed me when I hesitated at its edge. This life has weird parallels with my other lives, the Jaguar-god, Kinich Ahau, being held in the highest esteem and the snake being one of my spirit animals. Chac, the "chaos monster," also has weird similarities to SM.

I returned to Egypt in the next life sometime after it was conquered by Rome. This would have been Ptolemaic Egypt or even the time of Cleopatra. My last life in Egypt was more or less insignificant, at least in so far as I have yet been able to determine. It is not quite my most embarrassing life (#7 has that distinction), but I was a rather selfish and indiscreet washer-woman. I was carrying on an affair behind my husband's back. He did find out however. He stabbed my lover and drowned me, feeding our bodies to the crocodiles. This may be another reason I why I identify as asexual... physical relationships are nothing but trouble all around.

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