Monday, April 25

Thanks Easter Bunny

I am not overly fond of large gatherings, particularly holidays of the Christianized Pagan sort. I would have less issue with it if they would just admit the truth, that most of the trappings of their religion come from other, older religions. (Darth Vader says, Search your feelings, Christians... you know it to be true.) It was all a plot to beg, borrow, or steal converts by adopting the trappings without really knowing anything about the religions they were stealing from... Oh, I'm sorry... borrowing. Though it only qualifies as borrowing in my book if you acknowledge the source.

This will sound callous, but when the grandparents have passed on, I will be relieved not to have to publicly celebrate as a Christian to keep them happy. It's a pretty crappy sentiment, but it's not like I wish them dead. It will just be a relief not to have to fake it. I really do get so tired of Christians thinking everyone around them are Christian or damn well should be. At least it's not an "or else" sentiment on their part any more. No more Inquisition, no more Crusades... except for those creepy "prayer warriors" of the militant branch of the Pentacostal Church who pray diseases onto people they don't like. That's not normal... that's malevolent... that's what they used to call "black magic." Puts things into perspective that the witchy type people find this behavior objectionable, but certain fundamentalists groups consider it okeydokey. The same group responsible for torturing "witch children" in Africa and running old women out of their homes, but I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't care about that, not living in Africa. The lack of compassion in this world is simply appalling.

But I digress, several times over. Not so difficult for anyone to do when religion is the topic.

The main reason, beyond religion, that I object to these holidays, is the sheer number of people coming into and out of my house. It doesn't matter that they're family... a dozen people, a sixth of them small children, and it becomes difficult to keep people straight in my head. Difficult to keep track of who's coming and going. And while the children in my family are too young to wander around outside unsupervised, and if anything the adults are more paranoid about kids that age being unsupervised in this day and age than when I was that age (heck I wasn't even school age when I was wondering off into the woods when I'd visit my paternal grandparents), it made me paranoid as heck that I was going to miss some vital happening. That my shadowy watcher was going to make a grab for one of the kids or wander into the house while everyone was coming and going and confusing my sense of boundaries.

But nothing happened, despite providing a gourmand holocaust of ham and chicken, distributing the leftovers, and throwing the remaining veggies into a stewpot. (I really am the best cook in the family, though I'm ready to collapse when all's said and done. Far be it for anyone to bring anything aside from dessert to help out. oxO) Maybe the Shadowman was at his own roast beast feast. Hate to see how that table would be laid.

I am hopeful that I didn't miss anything. Thanks Easter Bunny for keeping the baddies at bay for the day.


  1. I can totally understand your feelings towards Easter. Yeah, my mom called me and asked if I wanted to come over, obviously I couldn't, but I also didn't want to. I instead spent the night watching movies and cuddling with Tikka, it was very relaxing. = )

    So yeah, our Easter was relatively relaxed.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  2. That's good. I think we all deserve a break now and then. Can't help but think it's the calm before the storm though.

  3. I hear you about the Easter bit of it. But you had to mention their beast feast, didn't you? I'm never going to look at ham the same way again now.

    Also, I am glad that nothing bad occurred during your Easter. Minus playing slave and cooking up a meal for them all. But you know what I mean. So I thank the Easter Bunny too for keeping your family safe. :3

  4. Thank you :)

    Yes, for some reason the last few days I've been thinking of SM as the Grinch, with his heart two (thousand) sizes too small. Now everything is Seussical. I can't help it. Whoever wasn't addicted to Seuss as a child was obviously deprived of classical reading material.