Friday, March 25

#8 Signs

Even before my encounter, there were odd little signs.

I don't remember ever sleepwalking, and no one in my family has ever accused me of it. But I can remember waking up in the morning with bruises on my legs and arms, or cuts. Sometimes my feet were dirty and there was dirt under my fingernails. There were a few times when what I can only describe as blood droplets were on my nightclothes, as if sprayed there.

These things were horrifying to me.

I was hungry all the time and tired all the time, and while one might expect that I was simply having a growing spurt, I rather think I was having nightly excursions.

I have been something of an insomniac since age eight, but I can drop into a dream state in a matter of minutes. It is quite possible that I am an insomniac because of my dreams, though I have much better control of them now than I did then. My childhood dreams were grotesque, but because I was always tired, I resented any infringement on my ability to sleep.

Given my developing psychic abilities and certain physical oddities, I was convinced I wasn't human. I was twelve when I gave up trying to get the fairies to steal me away from this world. I still don't care much for this place, but SM is the closest I've ever come to meeting what could be called a fairy, and I'm not going anywhere with Him.

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