Tuesday, April 12

#10 In the Beginning.. and the End

In the Beginning, there was God. I'm not talking about the Abrahamic idea of God, but that thing which was before there was anything at all. One pinprick of tightly compacted matter in an ocean of nothingness, the primordial egg and the womb awaiting fertilization. It was the sum of everything that had come before and the building blocks of all that would come after. The Egg was self-aware and alone. As its predecessors had done before it, the Egg self-fertilized and began to expand.

We, all of humanity, all animals, all plants, planets, stars, and spirits are parts of an embryonic being in a constant state of birth. It is in the nature of all zygotes to diversify, forming cells and tissues, organs and bones. The Egg goes through periods of expansion and contraction, drawing all of its disparate parts back to itself at the end of every Age. This is how it grows and changes.

All that exists, exists within the Egg, but while we exist, the Egg is not a cohesive mind. Those spirits which are greater than us, but less than the Egg are what we have called gods in the past. There are large pieces of the Egg which never divided and which therefore retain more understanding of events that led up to their existence and the events which will lead to their ends. There are also gods which they created from excess energy as well as incarnate spirits which became gods through the belief of their descendants and other worshipers.

The material world is matter with small slivers of soul energy. The spiritual is energy with a small amount of matter. The purpose of life is experiential. We exist to learn, to take that experience back with us to the Egg, where our lives will serve to enrich the mind of the Egg when all that is is drawn back to it, and it is once more alone.

Why the Hell am I telling you all this?

Every god and demon has its own idea on what should go into making this omelet. The only difference is that the gods have more sway in the end because they have more souls under their guidance. Think of the gods as ganglia while we are nerve impulses. Every god and demon has its own agenda... what it thinks is best for the Egg in the end (since reassimilation is unavoidable).

And there, in an eggshell, is the reason for SM's quest to become a god.


  1. The race to control Nature's most Perfect Form... interesting concept, Mystery. Gods have no place in my thinking, but I can appreciate the theory....

  2. We call them gods because we haven't got a better name for them. It's a convenient label to call an energy being who is benevolent, just as a demon is malevolent. In reality, they are just like us, but incorporeal. If it helps, consider them extra-dimensional travelers who can only reach earth at certain times, but who have set forth certain goals for our planet. They're like aliens, but made of energy and able to manipulate energy the same way we manipulate matter.

  3. Heh. Don't worry, I'm aware of things that exist on "that side", it is simply the labels that always have and always will annoy me. Too corrupted by thousands of years of religions and humankind's own pathetic nature. You and I share some similar history in that way (and in some others as well). Your "Thing" is in your attic. Mine is (was?) mainly centered in a closet that used to be an old stairwell. Little things they are in comparision to what else is out there, but certainly proof enough.

  4. Ah, I use the labels because they're convenient. They're memes people will understand. Some spirits really are far beyond our understanding, but it's been my experience that most "gods" are moved by many of the same emotions as humanity. Those who have incarnated in the past even understand and value us as potential equals.

    And their drive to rejoin into a new supreme being is very much like the biological drive to procreate... just with a lot more donors. o.O